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Short Bio
SWART. is a modern jazz group founded by the dutch Jazz composer and saxophonist Celia Swart.

Their live performances are a cross-over between the Hague composition school and improvisation elements of jazz music.  


In debut album Lost In compositions of Swart are heard, with each song it's own story. Inspired by travels that took place in the last few years, to places such as Hong Kong and New York, the compositions tells a story of the journey to becoming an adult, dealing with difficult situations and the admirations towards people you look up to. 

The album was self-released on 25th of October 2018 and features the dutch trumpet player Rik Mol on two tracks.

//  Origin:  Den Haag, NL
//  Genres:  Contemporary Composition/Modern Jazz
//  Email:




Founder and bandleader: Celia Swart |

© 2020 by Celia Swart

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