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★★★★☆ review NRC and Volkskrant

The past few months I have been working on a new composition for Nieuw Ensemble. This composition, with among 5 other compositions of 5 different young composers, was premiered last Thursday as a part of the anual An Evening of Today in Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. The concert was well received by the press, and here is a highlight of what they had to say about my composition and my film!

''The most all-round artist who presents herself is a Dutch person. Her name is Celia Swart, she is in her mid-20s and is working as a jazz saxophonist, classical composer, photographer, filmmaker and creator of graphic work. Apart from the jazz sax, everything flows together in Zoning out. The "wandering" or "absorbing oneself" from the title resounds in long, slipping sounds. Meanwhile, on a film screen above the New Ensemble, flat landscapes float past in red, black and blue, always in a different perspective. It evokes metropolitan melancholy, which slowly dies away in a high, lonely tone.'' - Volkskrant

Photo: Joël Bons


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