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My music in VPRO Vrije Geluiden!

This really is one of my dreams coming true. Since I was a young teenage girl, I have been watching Vrije Geluiden on the dutch national TV. As someone coming from a small town (Vlissingen), I always felt somehow a bit isolated from all the cool jazz and classical concerts that were happening in the ''bigger cities''. This TV program was something I would watch and discover new hip music, and get inspired to make small pieces and be motivated to study my saxophone really hard.

Now, somewhat ten years later, I studied composition at ''the big city'' and finished my bachelors degree. I would never have thought I would appear in this TV show myself... But I did dream about it though! ;)

Kluster5 and the high buildings of the Hague

I've been working together with Kluster5 for the past two years. I've written two compositions for them: ''Boven Hoge Gebouwen'' (Above High Buildings) and ''Hoge Uren'' (High Hours). Both inspired by the Hague's raw and beautiful buildings, energy and colours. Curious how that sounds? Tune in at NPO1, 14th of april, 10.30! In between pieces Isa Goldschmeding and I will talk about the music of NOW, my inspiration and more.


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